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The FTP Movement is where theory meets practice— minus the empty rhetoric, mindless activism and fashionable militancy. The organization views the Liberation Struggle as an ongoing process with reachable goals that could be met through consistent dedication. With members spreading across the nation, FTP’s foundation is built on love, respect, loyalty, discipline and principled unity. Their mission is to raise political awareness, and engage and inspire people to take an active role in building the community.

FTP represents globally, with active chapters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Jacksonville, Denver and Newark, NJ. The movement’s list of supports include members of Public Enemy, Arrested Development, Dead Prez, The Welfare Poets and a bevy of independent artists around the country.
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This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of joining freedom fighter, Kalonji Changa and his crew in a concerted effort to nourish the bodies and souls of hundreds of hungry Atlantans. I was grateful and humbled to be in the presence of such wonderful brothers and sisters that willfully donate their time (at least) two times a month to prepare food and clothing to serve some of the less fortunate that dwell in the city… (via Terra Tarice)

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